Vibes...Moods & Moves - S2 EPI 5- Prt. 1. - Put it in the work! - w Jannae Jordan 


Here we go! This is my closeout for the Vibes...Moods & Moves Podcast, Season#2, in two parts...again!  The world has yet again changed. And of course I want to talk about it, and I do! 

On this episode in Part#1, I talk about why I dialed out for January 2022 and opted to put my energy into what I can control in a world where so much around us feels, and is, out of control. Essentially I landed in the space of putting all of "it" into my work. Something I think we all can do for our own selfcare, self appreciation, and to be apart of what is good in this world...mission and activism in our own ways. 

In Part #2, I dive into how I got into my  pride and reflection headspace again this year for Black History Month 2022.  I pay those respects to a few of my childhood Heroes; Black men and women in the Arts and Media of yesterday.  

So come through with your tasty beverages, snacks and comfy seats. Let's get into this last chat for Season#2.

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