songwriter | Vocalist | Writer | producer


Jannae Jordan, has become one of those names in House music that is synonymous with strong vocals and meaningful lyrics. Jordan has worked with some of the best Dance music Producers of yesterday, today and tomorrow, domestically and abroad.  

Raised in Queens NY, on Disco, R&B, Motown, Gospel, Jazz, Show Tunes, Hip Hop, Rock and Standards it is no wonder that Jordan is more than comfortable diving into various styles vocally and lyrically beyond the dance floor grooves that she has been known for, for nearly two decades. Jordan is classically trained and has been professionally working since the age of 9 as opportunity and time permitted between school, Girl Scouts and her weekly Dance and Drama classes at New York’s Double Image Theater. Not to mention the fact that while many of her peers were hanging out at the local Shopping Mall , Jordan was gigging at some of New York City's most famous cabaret venues such as Don't Tell Mama's, and Sweet Waters, as well as working off Broadway and competing on a state wide level in Talent Competitions. In addition she is a published writer and proud graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology. Undoubtedly that foundation of professionalism,ethics and discipline from early on , is a big part of what can be attributed to the fact that Jordan has become a guaranteed quality listen for Dance music aficionados worldwide. And she is not done, but feels like she is just getting started. With her “go hard” work ethic and free flowing pen, she is armed and ready to level up! 


To date, Jordan's vocal performances and song lyrics have been called classic, soul stirring, up lifting, bold and sexy. One reviewer went as far as to call her “Among the best voices in world music today” upon hearing her 2006 break out hit “I Wanna Go”. Her pro beginning with the much later released project "Reach 4 The Light" with Boyd Jarvis, is how Jordan stepped on to the scene. Since that time, Jordan’s voice and words have rocked diehard club revelers and DJs around the world singing about love, politics, independence and faith. With each release from her debut release Produced by Tyrone Francis and Quentin Harris , " Sincere",  and her follow up "Stronger" Produced by the Legendary David Camacho aka DJ Camacho, and Jameson Braye, all the way thru to her work with Allesandro Oliviero aka Monodeluxe, on the  Chillout hit  "Time" &  "Time: The Remix Project" , and most recently her latest release with Distant People “You Know My Heart”, which includes a percussion driven remix that she produced for Vibe Boutique Records,  she has grown and re-established herself as the genuine article, a soulful music “one to watch”.  For some that would be enough, yet today she challenges herself to step out of her recording comfort zone to step up and show what she believes she was really meant to do. “I refuse to be viewed as a one note chick, because I’m not a one note chick.”  


Today Jordan is working overtime to show just how creatively diverse she is. While intrigued and often baffled by the new digital market and social media backdrop of music, and entertainment in general, she realized that this new world offers some new opportunities for her to delve back into passions she had put to the side. With her experience as a freelance published Writer, Online community developer and overall geek who loves all things that tie music, creative visuals and words together, she is primed and ready to create and engage in some new and exciting ways, such as venturing into the fun and wide open online sonic landscape of Podcasting.


With a new outlook on life and career, Jordan is currently developing music and various media projects such as her "Vibes...Moods & Moves" and  "VM&M SOUND CHECK" Podcasts.  "I'm doing me fully!  God didn't make me multidisciplined for no reason, so why not?" While focused on growing Independently, she also continues to collaborate with amazingly talented people across genre lines on more music, as well as branching out creatively into other mediums.