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2022 did not start off easy. That is a fact.  And like so many of you in the Global VM&M Family I felt myself overwhelmed by the chaos, and underwhelmed by the lack of solutions to the madness. I closed out the year with a wish, and that was that this year just be kinder to us.  That has not been the case.  Granted we have had some high moments here in the USA ,such as the US Supreme Court Nominee, Judge - Ketanji Brown Jackson, being poised to make HERstory as the first Black Woman to take her place in the highest court of this land. Can I get an AMEN? Yes!!!! AMEN!  But at the same time these victories are not quite the healing balm that we truly need to , well...heal the wounds of injustice that have been inflicted upon us. 

This Black History month was a rollercoaster of emotions and mental gymnastics just to stay above it all. However, so many of us did just that. We rose above it, even if we needed to get to that higher ground with babysteps, we are there, or on our way. It's a journey ya'll!  So I got into all of it on this two part Season two close out episode.  ( I know, the season feels shorter but hey I did a lot of doubles. AND I also launched another show. So give a girl a break! lol )


In true Vibes...Moods & Moves ( VM&M) fashion, I cannot just chat up certain things, I have to make sure that you all can learn more, or be lovingly reminded of why I share what I share.  So please take a beat and check out these links below. For me and people who see it like I do, Black History is a 365 days as year thing. But I do appreciate all of the beautiful sharing of Pride and education that takes place within and outside of our collective Black communities. With this show, I love the fact that the audience, the family, is a global one.  So for the folks who this is all new to, be enriched, enjoy and spread the truth about who me and mine are. We are in a battle to make sure that our history is not erased, and we can use all the help we can get to make sure that doesn't happen.


And lastly, let us pray for all of the innocent people who woke up one day to find their world ablaze and under attack in Ukraine.  I pray for the young and old...the babies..PEOPLE, of all colors who as I write this are doing their best to find safety on this night.  I pray for our world leaders to get it right! We can ill afford them to get it wrong, again.  I pray for all people around the world, from the Middle East all the way to my backyard here in Florida, who are feeling the weight of intended oppression and the obstruction of their Human Rights.  This is a WORLD problem, a HUMAN problem.  Democracy is fragile, and necessary, for those who fight for it and live with the advantages of it, when it works. However, as things stand now, even in our separate nations we all seem to be engaged in a battle for democracy in one way or another. This is why WE, cannot ignore the plight of any of our fellow humans. This IS about all of us. So in essence, with purpose...I pray for us all.


I thank each and every one of you for listening and hearing me on my lil podcast! I truly and humbly appreciate you all!

Season three....aaahhh Yes!  I'm looking forward to it. I've got plans!  And I hope you all keep riding with me for this next chapter.  It's gonna be good! And Yaaaasssss, still real questions and real conversations. So till then, please be well, safe, and peacefully busying yourselves and meeting yourselves, in the work, while continuing to put the best bits of your beautiful, soulFULL selves into THE WORK! 


PEACE & LOVE Always & Only,





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Mentions from this episode

Please do yourselves a favor and dive deeper into all of these Legends!  This tiny share is nothing next to all of what these people contributed to the world.  There are so many lessons to learn from their careers, lives...stories! Fill up on all of it till you are so full, that you can't help but want to get busy and joyful in your work! - J.


Reading in 2022 with Levar Burton | The Daily Show




Ossie Davis

Ossie Davis on how the blacklist affected him - EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG


Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee - via The Kennedy Center


Ruby Dee :

Ruby Dee on her involvement with "Roots" - EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG



Gil Noble:

Gil Noble: "Like It Is"


Gil Noble On Leadership

Gil Noble's Obituary in the New York Times



Bill McCreary :

The New McCreary Report: Malcolm X Remembered

(Note: featured in this clip Ossie Davis and Dr.Betty Shabazz)


Bill McCreary's Obituary in the Amsterdam New



Marian Etoile Watson:

Feature piece in Afrocentric News

WNYW: Big Apple Minute (Infoquest), Action Park, 1986


(just a quick throwback clip of her in action)

Black Journal: Episode 28 [The Church of the Shrine of the Black Madonna]

This is a treasure from 1970! This clip features some heavy hitting commentary from Legendary Black Women who were about mission and forward movement.) Ms.Watson is credited as a participating Panelist for her work as a Producer.  Side note: Lena Horne's interview...PRICELESS! Just saying

* There is so much more that I wish I could find that speaks to all of the work that this amazing woman has done, all that she as contributed in front of, and behind the camera. She is AMAZING!



Because I seriously think some folks need to be reminded of how the system should have worked this past MLK Day in regards to,H.R.4 - John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2021.  Get into it!

Schoolhouse Rock - I'm Just a Bill



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