VIBES...MOODS & MOVES- EPI#8 :- 10-20-2020- Let's Chat- Sooo NOT the usual Halloween Season 

On this episode of Vibes...Moods & Moves, I chat about my current Social Media Detox, what I have been watching to edify my mind while logged off, and day dreaming about future Tech.   I ,along with you, watch the News and all that is going on around us and I found myself having more conversations with my nearest and dearest about Social Media and its impact on much of what is happening .  So since I'm not feeling to get all into my usual Halloween Horror Movie fan fair just yet, I chose to spend some time watching stuff that takes the scare out of something that in it's own creepy way I find appropriate for not just the season but the times we're living in...Social Media and Technology when it goes wrong.  I know, it all sounds kinda benign. But is it really? I think not! LOL  So, get your coffee, snack and comfy seat ...Let's chat!


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The Social Dilemma (Official Trailer from Netflix) 

Black Mirror - Nosedive (Official Trailer from Netflix) 

Year Million - (Official Trailer from NatGeo) 

Lovecraft Country Radio - (HBO Podcast landing page to all streaming links)


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