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Since I have noticed that as Viibes...Moods & Moves grows and spreads out, the Blog bits and links get lost. That's no fun! I want to share, and that's why I a going to post an accompanying Blog here on the site when I post my  solo episodes.   YAY!!!!  SO here we Goooooo!


On this episode of Vibes...Moods & Moves, I chat about my current Social Media Detox, what I have been watching to edify my mind while logged off, and day dreaming about future tech.  As I ,along with you, watch the News and all that is going on around us;  I found myself having more conversations with my nearest and dearest about Social Media and its impact on much of what is happening . 


In the middle of so many discussions about highly contentious and divisive Political discourse, to people almost accepting being more disconnected from the reality of what it is to authentically be connected to their fellow humans at a time when we need to really be as present in the real as possible, Social media is prominent.    My thinking isn't new, or special. Many have written and spoken about a wide array of issues regarding Social Medial. Some dive in from a Sociological space, others from purely a technical sense, and some observe and study it through a Psychological lens.    I personally have taken to keeping all of that in mind and in the end referring to it as an odd type of intellectual existential crisis that we all are being affected by in some way or another.   My new joke is, "I post therefor I am".   I find the whole matter somewhat confounding. 


I know what it is to be in it, and have tons of "friends". I know what it is to not be in it and have no "friends" but live my life with my true real-life friends.  And now I know what it is have tried it again with fewer "friends", and feel more disconnected from the reality of being when logged in to Social Media whilst witnessing so many come to life in the unreal that it is. All of which leaves me even more sure than ever before, I'm just not wired to accept the programming, and I never was. For me it's not a lifeline. Social media is merely a tool, no different than my hammer, paintbrush, pen or microphone. I exist in the world offline and bring me and what I create to the internet. Nothing more nothing less.


NOTE:  for the sake of transparency: no doubt that my years as an IT Project Manager and online Community Designer and Builder/Admin, may have created a bias. I own that!   But none the less, I can't make myself bend to a false idea of worthiness, viability, social connection and validation simply because others have , in many cases not all, surrendered to a proverbial hammer. All of it...They are mere tools... fun when used creatively to make the world smaller, present your work, and YES genuinely stay in touch with folks who are down the rabbit hole...all up in that Matrix ( I had to say it! LOL) . But that's as far down that rabbit hole as I intend to go.


These otherwise useful tools for communication have become a collective overly programmed and hyper incentivized entity in the middle of our world that has way too much power and influence.  And we all know this, including it's Creators.  So much so that many have just succumbed to it for the sake of not being left behind, or left out.  Yet they don't truly know why. Well, let's just say Pavlov was on to something!   And the architects of your favorite Social Media platforms have mastered his lesson.    But there in hangs that tale. How did we get here? And Why? And how do we not lose ourselves in all of it...the News...this election...the worries, and this new dominating presence... the precarious digital crossroads of it all, our Social Media?  


With that said, I begin the chat with my enthusiastic review of the  Netflix documentary, "The Social Dilemma".  I move on to Black Mirror ," Nosedive".  And then I gleefully chat about  the hybrid futurism focused documentary  , "Year Million", from National Geographic.  And of course I have to quickly shout out HBO's “Lovecraft Country”!  Again, did I mention I am not anti tech or the future and all of the amazing possibilities for innovation ahead of us? Well BOOM, I just did!


SO that's about it!  This one is for all of my Creatives, Daydreamers, Non-Conformists and Outsiders who have love for everyone even when they don't get us or love us back. This one is for all of the Geeks, Nerds... Blerds (Black Nerds, of which I am one) out there! This is for US!  And I guess it is also for  anyone else who is curious to hear this Blerd's take on  what I watch and think about when I find myself pondering random stuff.  I don't take a deep dive on the Social Media and the “ ALs” thing on this one, this time.  But I do dip my toes in the water and get into it in my own special VM&M kind of way. Grab that coffee , snack and get comfy! Let's chat! 



Here are a few links you may want to check out that I mention in this episode.


The Social Dilemma (Official Trailer from Netflix)

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Year Million - (Official Trailer from NatGeo)

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