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Happy Black History Month!  In addition to that, I MADE IT! This is the 12th and final episode of Vibes...Moods & Moves of Season #1!  Needless to say, I have a lot to say and some observations, reflections and feels to share with you all. 

In the spirit of Valentine's Day ( which was a week ago...) I have to say, I am totally in love with every single person who stepped out into the interwebs this past year and shared uplifting and edifying content.  You all are simply the best! 


As for me, my Podcast was a little monthly broadcast; and it truly became my "go to" when the News and current events got to be too much and I knew I needed a break. It has also been my public reckoning with my old self who has been chomping at the bit to do some chat in a blog meets radio format, for years!   So of course I decided to go for it in the middle of a pandemic!  As scary as it was to put myself out there in a new and somewhat different way, I took comfort in knowing that I wasn't alone in doing so. So many from all around the world created and shared and took to the web, pushed passed their fear (s), frustration with being locked down... immeasurable global grief, and every other emotion we collectively have felt during this past year. I am honored to be just one voice in that mass digital choir of good stuff. 



So I close this season with a full one hour episode where I chat about how I can't get into observing Black History Month on social media as it I simply feels void of that something special, the connection and deep reflection. Instead I choose to capture some of the vibe that I am missing from more traditional  ways that I have celebrated Black History Month with friends and family during years gone by. The fix for me during this time when we can't gather at Luncheons, Museums, Performances, Worship Services and such; I'm reading, watching documentaries, enjoying Art  and the Performing Arts online, listening to music and reflecting on my genealogy and my place in it all as I celebrate my African American Pride! ( which I celebrate all the time, but just a lil extra during Black History Month).


Revelations - Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater



I often say that the greatest part of taking extra care and time to honor Black History during Black History Month, is that  in going all the way back to the fact, and absolute cruelty and insult to humanity of slavery;  to remember that the simple fact that we, all of us here in the US and beyond who are the descendants of African Slaves...the fact that our ancestors survived being snatched from their homeland... middle passage,subjugation by violence to be slave labor, emancipation sans resources to make their way yet made their way, segregation and further violence and suppression of their rights whilst standing on their faith and keen sense of justice to fight and claim their human rights; the fact that we are the product of them and their survival and all of that rising above the unthinkable;  we should never allow anyone to make us feel shame for the past and tie to slavery. 


Those who came before us that found themselves standing in shackles on shores so far from their place of birth and somehow managed to not perish under the lash;  to withstand what we cannot even fathom, they survived. To do that when so many were cast overboard slave ships or starved,bled to death in childbirth, died of sickness gifted them by mistreatment, filth and disease at the heavy hand of their captors...hell yeah those who made it were the strongest of the strong! That makes us, in all of our shades, shapes, sizes, faiths, languages...cultures and locations the strongest of the strong as we are still here!   We continue to strive for more and thrive! 

Jonathan Green, Gullah artist

(Jonathan Green describes his own journey and how his Gullah heritage has inspired his colorful, magical, heartfilled works.)



We as a people have not been comfortably seated on the sideline of history. We have been a major player in history, innovation and progress.  We have done more than our part in contributing scientific, medical,technological,spiritual, academic,cultural and  political treasures to the world!  But in a quiet place in my soul, when I think of my direct maternal and paternal lines in America; as an African American Woman, I take immense pride is knowing that my ancestors history IS American History. Our story is precious and worthy of respect.  Although there is great pain and tumult in our story, there is also great joy, dignity, and grace. I am so very proud of who I am and where I come from. And like everyone from everywhere in the world who takes great pride in their rich culture and heritage, I take these moments to celebrate my beautiful rich culture and heritage with a little extra love. 


With that said,please join me for this special Season1 closing episode. Bring your tasty beverage, snack and settle into your comfy seat. This is a true blue heart to heart chat! And I sincerely hope you enjoy it.  And CHEERS to a year filled with connection and to the the next season! "See" you all March 19h 2020 for the start of Season #2 of Vibes...Moods & Moves!


PEACE Always,



Book I am reading: 

"The Devil You Know": A Black Power Manifesto : Written by, Charles M. Blow 


What I am watching: 

The Black Church: This Is Our Story - Official Website( PBS) 

Finding Your Roots (PBS)

Black Art: In The Absence Of Light - (HBO) 


From my Black History Month Reflections of celebrations passed: 

Wynton Marsalis Performing "Amazing Grace" at Federal Hall  in New York City 

Jonathan Green Studios ( My favorite Artist! )

Sweet Honey in The Rock - Wade in the Water 

Sweet Honey In The Rock - Let There Be Peace




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