NOT 4 SALE ... 2008 Revisited...

There are moments in one's life when you find yourself looking back and wondering how you arrived where you are in the now. I've been doing a lot of that lately!  I would love to sit here and say that the journey was easy and the now is perfect. But both statements would be lies. I loathe lies and liars. So, honesty is what I have to share. Although my journey in the musical quadrant of my creative pocket universe has been a wild one, it definitely wasn't all crazy. So many names, faces, places, sounds, inspired moments, lessons learned and taught, many "Hellos" and "Goodbyes", hugs, laughs and magic! I have no regrets, just a few things I would tweak here and there! 


No matter, all of it taught me about myself, what I want and like, and what I don't. But most importantly it all made me a better creative soul personally and professionally.  It also provided the seeds for visions and concepts that I am now planting and cultivating.  I wouldn't be able to dream like I do now had I not taken the path I did. I thank every beautiful soul that added to me. And as I listen to what was, and above it hear all of what will be moving forward. I am no where near done, just doing things differently now. My way!


As I look back at my career in House music, this, moment..."Not 4 Sale",  was and remains one of my most cherished. I am eternally grateful to the late, Carl "Big Cee" Proctor (Consortium Muzik), for hearing my heart's wish ( through my tears.) and pairing my song...voice...rudimentary rough draft  track and lyrics with the amazing Producer, Tony Loreto , to bring my vision to life! (Tony made it happen for real!!!)  I've been feeling this song call to me to listen to her and remember her and why I wrote her in the first place...and I am listening, and I do remember! What a BLESSING to be led to send a message ahead to yourself in the future for moments like the one I am having as I write this! Hence I have, "Not 4 Sale" ,playing solo on my site's music player right now.


After all these years...this is from my private collection. This release was held back due to bootleggers. So several hot remixes ( Beppe Gioa, Tony Loreto) were subsequently released instead. Sadly, Carl unexpectedly passed away before we could release this, the Main mix of "Not 4 Sale". When we all in the Consortium Muzik family finally collected ourselves following his passing,everyone just moved on and this baby got put back in my catalog for safe keeping.  But as I listened today, I decided to just let her be heard!  The three of us, Carl, Tony and I, put a lot of love into this for the people! For you!  So, now I feel that It's time  that this Original Vocal Mix be heard properly, on my terms, as we produced it to be heard. Amen, and let the music play, all the way to the heavens!  Cheers to the memories and to the future... and for the record...My soul is still not for sale!


Peace & Blessings ALWAYS...XOXO- Jannae 


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"Not 4 Sale " - Jannae Jordan Feat. Tony Loreto ( 2008 Unreleased)


"Not 4 Sale " - Jannae Jordan Feat. Tony Loreto   

Lyrics - Jannae Jordan 
Vocals - Jannae Jordan 

Executive Producer: Carl Proctor 
Executive Producer:  Jannae Jordan 
Producer, Percussion, Keys,Guitar:  Tony Loreto 
Arrangement: Tony Loreto 
Vocal Arrangement: Jannae Jordan 

c.2008 Jannae Jordan 

Remixes released exclusively on Consortium Muzik

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