Vibes...Moods & Moves - S2 EPI 2- Halloween-ish Stuff -PRT 1- w Jannae Jordan 

Happy Halloween!  I cut this one close.  But I made it in before the close of October, just in time for Halloween!  Much like S2 EPI 8 last October 2020, where I was horrified by  the state of Social Media at large , and how the "Al's" had been running wild pushing all manner of scary stuff about Politics, Race, and the Covid-19 Pandemic; this year, although I have gotten to enjoy more of my usual Halloween goodness, I remain concerned about the issue. Even more so now that Facebook is pushing even more aggressively to take over the Metaverse. YIKES! 

I also have info to share for those who didn't get the Memo;  "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is back! This year and we can all watch it on our local PBS stations!  I also have some updates about my FanGirl moment about ,LeVar Burton, following the Jeopardy debacle. We're going to focus on the beautiful lesson to be learned by how Mr.Burton moved onward and upward from that moment.  And of course, I have to sprinkle a little extra heart to heart about how we all can find the lessons in setbacks, and  move forward with our gifts and talents! 

This episode may be late, but its chocked full of VM&M goodness! So much so that I have to bill this as, a double feature, and give it to you in two parts!   So , grab those tasty beverages, your candy buckets and settle into your comfy seats, we've got lots to chat about! Get into it! 


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