VIBES...MOODS & MOVES - Podcast EPI# 6 - " Let's Chat - 9-11-2020 -The Best Of Us" 

Where does the time go? Where did this summer go? Where did the past year go? Where did the last nineteen years go?  Ask those questions aloud and sit with how it echoes. In my case I say, time flies, period.  This past year has been a challenging fast paced rollercoaster of change, grief and stress. As for this past nineteen years; some days I feel like it's a lifetime behind me. However, on days like today it feels like it was just yesterday.

As I look at where we are this September 11th, 2020, I find myself in deep thought about how terror shook us to our core and changed our collective sense of safety. Back then we came together to overcome and move on. Yet here we are in the throws of a global pandemic, and a crucial yet volatile election season while  being bombarded  with harsh reminders of how much hasn't change when it comes to equality and justice. So much is on the line. Most days now, it feels like we need a Super Hero to come to the rescue!   We need someone to swoop in and fix it all.   But that isn't going to happen. Maybe this is where we are supposed to tap into the very things that we love about our Super Heros and be our own Super Heros right now. Because from where I'm sitting, we have what we need within to be the best of us right now. We just have to choose to do so.


I get into these feelings in this "Let's chat" episode. I am choosing to look at this moment in time and history and push for good!  I am choosing to remind my fellow humans that we haven't lost all, there is hope. And lastly, not to simplify things but to keep this simple; I am choosing to also remind my fellow humans that we do have power! That power is our art, our work and our VOTEs!   With those things we can speak truth to power, encourage, educate, comfort and effect change! But we have to not allow all that is not right in the world to break our spirits with fear.

We have to choose to be the change we want to see... we have to cling tight to our FAITH and be led by what's right and not acquiesce to fear, intimidation, and the toxic behavior driven  uncertainty of it all. Now is not the time to forget all we overcame.  Nor is it the time to get distracted by fodder and chaos. This is where w set the coarse for all that we still need to overcome,and do what we can to have a hand in saving ourselves. THIS is where the best of us, the best of who we are shows up!


Be safe...Stay Well...Peace Always,



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