VIBES...MOODS & MOVES- EPI#4 : A Special Sneak Preview! 

Welp, that title sums it up!  From the very beginning I I wanted Vibes...Moods & Moves, to be about more than just me. I wanted share and engage with other voices, opinions and stories.  And I finally got to get started with two amazingly talented people to get this things kicked off right!  

Thank you to my Guests , Lori Sommer and Victor Rosado, for their time and transparency!  I had such a great time chatting with them that  I decided to give you all a lil sample of what you can look forward to when the full interviews go up for streaming and video! 

I love doing the solo "Let's Chat" Episodes, and will continue to do them. But I also appreciate connecting with other like minded people. It's about connecting, relating and gaining insight from others. When we stop listening to each other, we are lost. This is evident as we look around at current events. We're trying to birth good things here. So we connect with good people and embrace the transitions!

This Sneak Preview also notes the launch of the brand new  Vibes..Moods & Moves Podcast Youtube Channel and Instagram @vibesmoodsmoves.  So now you can watch, or listen, and engage! So hit those links and Subscribe, Like, Follow and Share!   Then get your snacks, beverages and get comfy!  It's time to chat!

Be safe...Stay Well...Peace Always,


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