Epi 1 - Vibes...Moods & Moves - Let's Chat! "Not what I planned" 

HAPPY SPRING EQUINOX 2020! And welcome to my very first podcast 

This is NOT the episode I had painstakingly  laid out, structured, recorded,edited, mastered and planned to debut. However, with all that is going on in the world at this very moment , it's the podcast that I believe the Universe intended to get uploaded.  I recorded this on the fly from my heart in the wee hours of this morning. Not in my studio on my perfectly calibrated set up, but sitting on my bed with my laptop and earbuds. THIS was truly done in the spirit of what VIBES...MOODS & MOVES is all about!  Set out to make something happen, things go off course, you adjust and GO FOR IT ANYWAY!

I also invite you to stop by the Forum, create those accounts and get to chatting! This is about US, not just me. So don't be shy!  

In the meantime, THANK YOU for listening, and please join my mailing list to get in the mix for what is to come. Let this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship and community!


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