Vibes...Moods & Moves - S2 EPI 1- The Preamble- w Jannae Jordan 

Happy Summer ya'll! I'm back!  But before I really get going with Season #2 of, Vibes...Moods & Moves(VM&M), I wanted to take a beat to check in and get caught up. 


This season opener episode is being called "The Preamble".  Essentially, I'm going to give you a heads up on what's already new here, as well as what is coming. For starters I have expanded my VM&M Pocket Universe here on the interwebs with a FUN new show that is all about my LOVE of MUSIC! is the home of that new show, VM&M Presents- SOUND CHECK!  I am so excited to share all the 411 with you guys about how and why it exists. And of course, I want you to come check it out! And I explain all of the melodic, sonic, goofy goodness that is that show for me. Pure JOY...Come get some!


Something else that I think we should all check out...Levar Burton on Jeopardy this coming week!!!(7/16 - 7/30) I have a total Fangirl moment about this on this episode! Seriously, this is a happening! And I'm uber excited and I share that excitement and all the cool info during this chat. 


And lastly, I also wanted to briefly touch on the "Why" behind this podcast, and how we all need to be getting even more into setting our intentions in all that we do. There are a few running themes that I feel compelled to keep at the forefront of the real conversations here on Vibes...Moods & Moves, whether I go solo or chill and chat here with a friend. To get the ball rolling, I say start with your intentions.   And I get a little into why I feel this is so important on this episode. 


So, this one isn't long, nor is it heavy.  But this is from the heart. This is just the warm up for what I plan to make a season full of insight, more honest heart to heart talk, and lots of coffee and laughs!  We're going to get deep into our creative flow and all that feeds it, as well as all that it feeds in us and potentially in the world. We're gonna have a good time! So let's get started! 


Cheers to Season #2!☮❤️☕ 

Jannae Jordan 



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