VIBES... MOODS & MOVES Podcast EPI # 11 - Jan19th 2021 Let's Chat-" 2021... WE ARE STILL HERE!" 


It is a NEW YEAR and we are HERE! And that gives me so much joy! So of course I wanted to reach out , touch base, and get into a little chat!  Fact of the matter is, with all of what's going on these days I had to seriously kick my "Shawshanky" feelings to the curb, turn off the news and push to get this done. Twas not easy.  But I did it!

VIBES... MOODS & MOVES Podcast EPI # 11 - Jan19th 2021  Let's Chat-" 2021... WE ARE STILL HERE!"   is up!

On one hand I am happily watching history unfold before my eyes here in the US; in less than 24 hrs from my uploading this episode, a new day will have begun here in this country. One that  is a historic herald of progress, hope, and filled with pride.   However, I find myself working overtime to reconcile that we are still in the throws of a global pandemic whilst  facing a darkness, that is hate, in the air and on public display in ways that have left so many of us not surprised, but shocked and troubled.

On this episode I run through how I am processing current events and seeing myself forward with HOPE & FAITH. I also get a little bit into how I have been inspired , yet again, by the amazing creativity of my fellow  online Content Creators across mediums. As well as how I am getting all into the next big "GOOD STUFF" list!   Sharing is caring, and I'm gearing up to share again!

So grab those tasty beverages, healthy yummy snacks, your comfy seats and join me. Let's chat!

Happy New Year!



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