VIBES...MOODS & MOVES- EPI#5 : Special Guest - Lori Sommer 

This is a moment!  From the very beginning I knew I wanted this project to be about more than just me.  Perhaps it's because I never fit in anywhere I thought I was supposed to. Perhaps it's because when I realized I wasn't supposed to fit in just anywhere, but rather  where I can just be me with truly like minded people, I knew what it was to belong.  Then again perhaps it's the fact that I have always known when you open your heart and hands sans fear, the right people will pass your way and in that you will  find community, inclusion and acceptance. Alll you have to do is stay open and be yourself, period.


I have been creating things that bring people together since I was a child. From board games as school projects with classmates, to online Artists communities and music that has gone all around the world! This is no different.  I LOVE to talk, this is no secret.  BUT I love to talk to people, who like myself, understand the power, magic and joy that is connecting with others on a soul level.  There is healing in that. There is acceptance in that.  There is welcome in that.  We all have a story to tell and a light to shine. This is about all of that and more.  So I proudly, humbly share this special Episode today with the world.

Thank you Lori Sommer, for your candor, and comedy! You are a real one in every beautiful sense of the word REAL! 

Kat Ayala, my Co-Producer; ONLY YOU, could co-pilot this nutty lil passion project with me. Thank you for being  ever steady. Thank you for always reminding me I don't have to do everything alone, I gotchu! RESPECT! 


And thank you to anyone and everyone who has listened, subscribed, followed, liked, and shared their feelings about any previous episodes as well as this one. I appreciate your walking this walk with us. You are always welcome, and I hope you enjoy this FIRST interview, of what I hope is just one of many more beautiful soul to soul moments to come here on Vibes...Moods & Moves!


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