Vibes...Moods & Moves - Epi3. 6-4-2020 "Let's Chat - I'm no exception..." 

This Epi 3.  "Let's Chat - I Am No Exception",   was not on the schedule. But after the past 24 hrs I've had is what it is.  Everyone of us has the right to feel how we feel, deal how we choose to deal. But no one has the right to impose hate on another person. 


I am urging ALL OF US to keep it together as we continue to find our way through this Covid 19 Pandemic, as well as the Unrest we are either experiencing or witnessing right now.  Activism takes many forms. I speak up and do in my way, while others do in their way. However, my way being a more quiet behind the scenes approach does not mean I am not outraged and about pushing for change. And it also does not mean I am open to others raging at me about Black people as if I am an exception to their racism.


When all is said and done, I will not allow hate to break my heart and spirit now. None of us should. We have come too far,  and we are so much more, bigger and stronger than hate.  Do your part your way! And if all you feel you can do is Vote, then VOTE! For now I invite you to grab a coffee and press play to get into this chat with a personal musical message at the end.  

Stay Up, Stay prayed UP and STAY SAFE...Peace Be Still...



PS. Thank you to all who have been so open and loving in participating in and supporting  the "Good Stuff " list!  You truly have been an absolute LIGHT in these otherwise dark days. I am forever grateful to each of you for what you do and how you do it. Let's keep lifting each other up thru sharing good stuff!

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