"THE GATE" ...Hello Again & THANK YOU!!!! <3

So I have been working on some new material for the past 2 years. And as I, along with the entire world, witness our world change in ways that make my soul weep, I expressed some of what I felt in the work.  Granted, this isn't new for me. However, it was new in the sense that I approached it without any care or concern for what any Label would be interested in. I approached it as a Label Head/A&R/ Executive Producer etc. myself. In other words, for the first time in many years I did what I wanted to do, create freely and just have fun. That felt great and was what I needed to get back into a new groove.

Some of the songs are so raw and personal that I am still contemplating whether I will release them. But "The Gate" is not such a song. What I am sharing today is a DUB with components from  a full length main (Jazzier) mix that I plan to release at some point.  When that will be for sure, I have no idea. But being able to at the least share this with you, is more than enough to appease my rebel heart.  

I also felt it important with my return to Social media to not start letting people into my FB Profile until I had something to "say" to them. Most have been sitting Pending for 2 weeks, and I am grateful for their patience.  I have been trying to figure out the wisest way to reconnect with the audience that has supported me over the years, whether I was actively recording and releasing music or not.  And so what I am going to do is, let folks in and then set up an official FB Page where I will be Officially Promoting and Marketing releases in the future.

As for what this means for the long term of my FB Profile, I will probably close it or use it less after the page is established. But for now, I simply want to reconnect, and say "HELLO AGAIN & THANK YOU!" the best and most authentic way I know how, with my music. ❤

As I and my current Collaborators know, what is currently in Production; the tunes are DOPE, upbeat and far more lighthearted than "The Gate".
But, because...

1. I cannot be tone deaf to what is going on all around us, and has been going on around us; I felt that the first tune
I should share, as a "THANK YOU!" for my comeback...re-introduction presentation, should reflect that reality.  

2. I also wanted to put something out into the ether that represents where I am today versus yesteryear.
Growth happens people, and change is good! And "The Gate" DUBs are intended to reassure ya'll that I can still get down and what kind of sound and vibe I have been chasing as an Artist and Producer.


Merging sonic worlds has been what I have longed to do from as far back as I can remember. And now I am doing that, not just on my own, but in my Project choices.  I have to say, I am beyond over the moon about what is lined up!  I feel incredibly blessed to be working with the caliber and character of people I am today.

For now, I give you "THE GATE"(Lone Indigo All up in ya feels DUB) and   "THE GATE" ( Lone Indigo Out Of Body Dub).  I truly hope ya dig these bits as they are, as always, from my heart hopefully to yours.  



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