Heeeeyyy! It's Summer and I hope you all are enjoying yourselves.  As for me I am busy working with my current cohorts trying to get some new tunes out.  And as things fall into place  while we all cobble away, I have been taking time out to tinker with my own sounds, write, read and enjoy the sunshine! Yassss!!!!!


As the rainy season has settled in, and Beach Days become few, I find joy in watching nature's wonder all around me. So much life and lush green everywhere! Add to that I am wooed daily by the symphony of birds by day, and crickets at night, that just seem to be even more harmonious this time of the year, which I LOVE.  The music of nature is truly inspiring! And it makes it so easy to just roll with the "Reigny Season" vibe I've been on for a while now, as what I see around me reminds me that everything is ever changing, growing and going thru cycles, me included. It's all just life...


So  the latest additions to my playlist...just a lii sumthin sumthin I wrote and recorded a few years ago and picked back up recently.  And since it's a Spoken Word piece, I figured it would more than fill in for one of my super long, wordy blogs. LOL (We'll see...)  But for real for real, not for play play, "Reigny Season" speaks to so much I have to say with my words and music. They are both tracky as hell compared to some other stuff I've done and am doing. But it be's that way sometimes. LOL It gets the job done groove , mood and vibe wise. I like to keep things straight forward when it's all about the words being able to reach people.  No matter, bottom line is  I needed to just put this into the ether on my own, for me, and who ever may need to hear and feel  it. These are truly Lone Indigo Projects. (More on that another time...)



It's great working with others, but some things you do on your own because you have a story to tell, and it's your story to tell. And no one can ever tell your stories the way you can, with heart, soul and a profound level of verity that is most satisfying when you are a creative spirit. It's a spiritual and artistic thing. It keeps all of the Industry madness in its proper place for me. Industry is work, my creative spaces...are about my passion. And although the two creative spaces do merge often, the business is business.  And the business does have it's limits. This is just a fact, and we all are aware of it when we get into this.  But when you are genuinely inspired to create, that is about something bigger than you, vanity, your ego, or that of your collaborators, Label bottom lines, or a paycheck.  It's a feeling, deep down. And that feeling doesn't let go until you surrender to it. I don't fight it. And why would I? It feels soooo damn good to give in to the work when it beckons you to give an idea, a melody or a phrase, a place in the world. It's deep!


True blue Creators create because well...we can't not create! BOOM!  It's that simple.  So when we feel drawn...called to create when the phone isn't ringing with opportunities, or current projects are in the mix but your part is done, ya do you boo!  And why not?  I know for me I was doing everything in and outside of music before my name, lyrics and voice were pressed on my first piece of vinyl.  So why should my, or your, creations be bound to contracts exclusively?  Everything isn't for everyone. What you feel to do may not be for the traditional market you are known in. Should you stop creating what you feel in those cases? HELL NO! Again I say, DO YOU BOO!



Seriously, my brothers and sisters across mediums, PLEASE KEEP DOING YOU! Your gifts are a GIFT to all of us. Please keep sharing and shining your light. When you think no one is listening or watching or reading your creations, I promise you, someone who needs to is. Humbly revel and reign supreme in your talent.  If you stop doing what you love with joy, when you do get called for work it will lack the very magic that made you desirable in the first place. Nurture ... and cultivate your talent whether you're in the spotlight or not. And be joyful while doing so. Besides, you don't wanna be rusty if and when opportunity comes calling. Be found fresh and full of ideas and on ready.


If you don't believe in you and your craft enough to love on it no matter what, then don't expect others to believe in you either.  Whatever your thing is, be in love with what you love all the time, period. And don't invest less in your own work than you do when working with and for others for money, or for some, clout.   I've heard some heavy sh*t that will never come out on a label, wasn't meant to necessarily, and it's been better than most of the stuff being bumped on commercial radio or in the clubs right now. Those Producers|Artists are on ready! But not pressed.  So yeah, do what you are meant to do. Wipe your tears, put down the doubts. If you know you are dope, been there done that but things aren't poppin the way you want right now, then YOU set it off for you. Just create and figure out what you want to do with it later, even if its just posting it online for fun. I mean damn, doing what you love to do is supposed to be FUN DAMNIT!  Don't let the business steal your joy. Yes, you must handle your business like a Professional, and get it done. But don't allow the business of making music, or Art in general, to break your spirit. Create because you can't not create. 



Anyway, these are just two of a few rough mixes of this piece, but I was feelin the groove of these two mixes when I was updating my website. So here it is, my Lone Indigo  "Reigny Season" ruff mixes, during the literal Rainy Season of Summer 2019.  Like me, and you, they are not perfect, they are ruff Demo mixes.  But again, some things you do for reasons beyond kudos and feigned pride of place in industry. But rather for the love, art, creativity, and joy that comes from just putting yourself out there as you are with the intent to connect and make people feel something good.  Hope it resonates... <3


SO that is what I am doing when not working on music with others, and other grown up serious stuff; going with the flow, living all up in my REIGNY SEASON, while enjoying precious time with loved ones, and appreciating the long days and cool breezes as they come. And I hope you are doing the same.

Respect...Love & Light!



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