Facebook...Oh Lawdy! I really...finally did it!

What I won't do for my craft, my grind, my music hustle! That's LOVE people!


SO...I did it! I took a deep breath and dove back in to the social media vortex! I am both elated and overwhelmed.  I am elated because it's really great to be seeing the faces of friends who use the platform as their primary means of keeping in touch.   It's also exciting as I did say that I would go back if I had a reason. With my going back to work, well, I have a reason.  And it feels GREAT!


Now as for the overwhelmed part. I was literally having a mini anxiety attack as I sat staring at my info contemplating hitting the  register button. If it were not for an unsuspecting friend who happened to text me , I may have stayed frozen.   He has no idea his text asking me for help with something  snapped me out of a "Well maybe tomorrow... maybe I don't reallly need  to have a FB page...Oh GAWD the people and spam and FB drama that I always avoided is it still there?..Wait...hold up... Is this a  good profile pic...I'll find another one...No, it's good enough for what I need it for...OMG I have to start alllll over again!!!"moment.   


I know I know, sounds extreme.  BUT keep in mind I left because it creeped me out.  I'm a geek, so a lot of the madness that has transpired was predictable if you knew what you were seeing if you knew what to look for...algorithms.  Subtle and not so subtle changes we saw on the interface and what was probably being done on the back end.  As messed up as it is, all of the stuff that came out vindicated me and everyone else who left for similar reasons. People did not believe us, and would make us feel like we had committed the unholy of unholiest social sins, deleting our profiles.  Well HA!!!!! Told ya so!!! Is all I have to say. LOL


NOW, being back...what I took into consideration is that with all this attention on where Mark and the gang royally screwed up, the attention and scandal of it all  could create some much needed change and improvement. What I know for sure about technology is that some of the best advances have come from some of the biggest meltdowns. And I have to believe this is such a moment in social media.  I can tell you that as soon as I got into my profile it became apparent very quickly that it has changed a great deal over the past 5 years. 


The platform has changed, and I have to change my attitude towards it.  As with all of the tech things I LOVE, I love being an Early Adapter. I like learning new things and how to get the most out of them.  And FB should be no different.  If I can just see it as some NEW thing that I want to use and use wisely, safely, effectively, and have FUN with it, then I will be just fine. I am choosing to view it not as the monster that creeped me out and was the backdrop of some of the rudest, most antisocial, passive aggressive , immature foolishness, attention seeking, delusional grandiosity I have ever seen, but rather as some funky new App/Software that I want to master.  


With that said, I'm back on FB. My profile is private right now but the requests are coming in and I am overwhelmed by the welcome back I am getting!  But that's just it, I'm overwhelmed by the faces I don't know,some I do but haven't seen in so long ( think Ms.Sofia in the "Color Purple" when she goes home for Christmas, overwhelmed. Yeah kinda like that a lil bit) ... it's a lot to take in. Especially stepping back into the pandemonium  from having been living a quiet life for the past 5 years where my main issues are things like wondering why I haven't seen my friendly neighborhood possum ( I named him Joey) cross my backyard in a few weeks. Or if my Car needs coolant or a tune up. OR my favorite as of late, what technique am I going to use to get my Smoker ready for Grilling season this year! Hahahahaha  Now of course I am being sardonic, or am I? There are lots of other country/suburban living issues that crowd my life these days, but that's just it, that's become my new normal.  And I truly do love it!  However, I'm still a NYC Girl thru and thru, and I am still a Singer/Songwriter/Producer who LOVES what she does, and has been doing a lot of it remote from way back. So transitioning back isn't really that difficult, just gotta be ready to work and work hard!  And I am!  Just this one lil thing with social media. The way several people who have been part of my life for years, advising and supporting me, saw it was very simple "GET BACK ON FB! JUST DO IT ALREADY, DAMN!" LOL  SO after about a year of that, I did. BOOM! Done! Love my Sister-Friends who never let go of my hand. 


Anyhoo, it's just about 24 hrs back, and I'm still overwhelmed, but today it's more of a good overwhelmed than a "RUN FORREST RUN!" overwhelmed. LOL 


For now, it's just nice to have people reach out ,and people I have reached out to reach back with so much love! 


I would put the link here but I'm not going back there today to grab it. I was in for an hour setting up my profile cover, with a "patience please" message on it as to not appear rude for not running thru accepting requests.  I might go back just to share a link to this blog post because as I read over it, it's funny! But if not, that's cool because that hour or so...that was enough for me today. Hahahahahaha  Baby steps people, baby steps. ;)




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