HELLO AGAIN Part2....Day 1.



So I made a promise to myself. I don't consider this a New years resolution, but a commitment. It's simple, GET ON WITH IT!  LOL  In the spirit of that promise, I took a long beat and decided to post "Tomorrow's Tomorrow"(Post Blackout Call 1857- 2017), to kick off 2018. 


Here's what ya need to know:

For anyone who has paid attention to my purely for the Art, Soul and Message projects; this is something of a follow up to "Blackout".

If you missed it you missed it...for now. Working on resurrecting  it for a new project.  In the interim, I felt playing with a few of the original components as part of a little "Hello Again" for my website would not only be timely, appropriate and  true to form for me . Not to mention FUN and as my UK friends would say a tad bit "cheeky" ;)

So there it is.  


The 1857 year reference... ahhh...well I could tell you, but that wouldn't be any fun. Fact: it has to do with a piece of history that I truly wish more people, especially my fellow NY-ers knew. Its falls in line with the once forgotten Slave Burial grounds around New York. 

I am big on history of all kinds.  I grew up running around museums and historical sites of all kinds. Needless to say when this was brought to light a few decades ago ,not only was I moved but inspired to continue to learn more, good and bad, about the lives of those that came before me.  This theme has been a running one in my life and work beyond music for ages. About 10 years ago,  thru my mother,  I got to learn even more via her work with the The Harlem Preservation Foundation.   There is sooo much to learn, knowledge truly is power and empowering. 


In essence whenever I feel the pull to research, tribute, mention, celebrate, HONOR  the souls that created the road I get to travel on because they lived, I do.  For me and mine, we call their names so that they are never forgotten. The 1857 reference in "Blackout" and "Tomorrow's Tomorrow"  is a simple example of such a moment.   So if it peaks your interest, I promise you, a simple search and you will get the answer ( NY, 1857, Central Park), much more also happened that year, but this one fact is heavy unto itself.   Perhaps it will inspire you to learn, elevate , and honor as well. 


Till next time, Cheers to a new year, new dreams, new hope, new triumphs...strength, integrity LOVE , PEACE and HOPE!


Peace Always,


PS. Tomorrow's Tomorrow...think about it. All of us who are here now were once a mere thought. Maybe even a dream of what could be one day for our ancestors.  Therefor in our own way, we are someone else's Tomorrow, hope for better days. Hope...sometimes is all we have. But my oh my how powerful it is. <3

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