1. "Transitions"

From the recording "Transitions"

Story...Hmmmm...Thinkin it's kind of self explanatory! LOL ;)
Seriously, this song is a part of a collection of songs that I Produced during a period of creative rediscovery.  During that journey, I had several "Light Bulb" moments about myself as a human being and as an creative professional.  Simply put ; if you don't like what's going on around you, step up and make some changes.  In making changes you find that not only do the circumstances change but so do you. BUT, the trick is, you can't see what needs to be done till for are willing and able to look at self and begin making the changes there first. For me, that meant transitioning a few things in my life, personally and professionally.  Biggest thing... getting good with the idea that what I wanted to do was just as ... rather more valid that anything anyone else wanted me to do to suit their needs.  I wasn't happy with the music because the music wasn't speaking to who I am 100%. SO, I changed that and have myself a chance to breathe...as a Vocalist, writer, and producer...  
With all of that said, I give you "Transitions"