1. "30 Pieces"

From the recording "30 Pieces"

Many moons ago I had a dear friend who lost her humility when she found her place in the spotlight. Fame, success...nothing wrong with it. I promote success and reaching goals, making your dreams reality! Bravo that's what's up!  However, when you give up the best of you, the very things that facilitated you obtaining that fame and or success, you are lost.  I wrote this song following a terribly vapid telephone conversation with her about 10 years ago. The original recording was far more edgy. But that's what hearing a once sweet, humble person turned super shallow, arrogant, materialistic shell of her former self... summoned up for me. 
She and I were in touch about 2 years ago, and not to my surprise the party was over. She was returned to every day people status and recounting all she had given up to have what she had and lost.  Following that exchange I pulled this song back up and heard it with fresh ears and an even deeper message. It was eerily prophetic, so I revamped it. It's original Title :" How does it feel" ...The "30 Pieces" line ... if you know your theology you know the refferance. And that one adlib , for me ties it all up. Plus it resonated with me even more due to  my own career journey and experiences where "30 Pieces" were placed at a higher value than me or a my work for others gain.  Needless to say I changed the title for significant reasons.
The moral of the story..Don't poo on the people that help you get to the top. Selling out truly living, or your friends...other human beings for material gain and shine...never worth it. And you may get your proverbial "30 Pieces", but the price you pay in the end is never worth it. Humble thyself, humble thyself...yeah STAY HUMBLE!
With that said I give you "30 Pieces"