As I sit here in 2014 revisiting the old and new, I find myself compelled to take notes from my own work to find inspiration. This particular song is one of the countless many that hit me life a wave and I went along for the ride! More often than not I find that songs I wrote years ago, come back to me and encourage me as if I left time released letters to myself for when I would need them most. Some of those letters have been recorded and released, and it is only now that I can listen to them as a music lover and not as a hyper critical self-conscious Artist.  It is only now that I can hear what others heard at the time and connected with.  Time is magical that way!
As a writer I always ask myself how exposed am I willing to be? More often than not I opt to be as honest and open as possible.  My happiest moments as one who creates and shares her work with others comes when I get that one e-mail when someone says " THANK YOU…" In those moments all the hyper critical self-conscious picking self apart stops. The worries over contracts and points and percentages goes out the window. The question of whether I want to keep at this at all fades. All I am left with is the feeling that the risk of being vulnerable and honest was worth it! In those moments that stranger becomes a kindred spirit. This song carries with it that feeling that gets so lost today in microblogging and blurbs on virtual walls. Letters, I love writing letters. Letters keep people connected in a way that is so intimate and pure, as there is no pretense, just flow…we just flow and say what we feel. So much easier than when we speak face to face sometimes. So I believe in the power and magic of letters. Whether written to self to encourage, or written by a stranger who from a distance with their words, gets into your heart. 
Songs..lyrics for me are not just poetry,dancing with double entendres, and veiled sentiments. I write musical letters to self and anyone who can relate and chooses to be vulnerable and open thusly connected and touched.  This is why I say with pride…i LOVE  WHAT I DO!