Once upon a time I was a a new girl on the block. Which means not many, let alone well established people in the game were trying to put me on.  Its sort of like when you get to that age when you want to get a first job and you have nothing to put in the previous employment column and the prospects all require previous experience.  We have all been there, you throw your hands up in frustration and say " How am I supposed to get experience if no one hires me?". Well same applies with music, and those "No's" and "Who are you… you're not established" laced rejections cut way deeper than the local retail Managers, "Sorry kid, come back when you've worked a register" moments. 
Anyway, there were a few who didn't just give me the business but gave me opportunities to show people what I could do. And in my case I didn't start out with light weights. I started out with people who were established and respected worldwide. It is to them I am so grateful for not saying the usual.." Can't invest in vinyl on someone no one knows…" But rather, "Ok…so you say you can sing and write…show me!". I did my best to show them and they did their best to make sure others  heard me.
One such Legend, who opened his studio and his heart to me was the late GREAT DJ Camacho.  He saw something in me, and never tried to stifle it, or manipulate it but rather encouraged it. He saw my talent! He didn't just hear my voice, I never sleep on the fact that I may be good, but there is always someone out there better. All I can do is be the best me I am as a vocalist. But what he saw was my fire to write and speak for real women, and about real things and emotions. Not just pen hooks that may be catchy or fleeting. He also encouraged me remaining true to myself as a musical person whose style of singing was just as varied as my broad taste in music as a fan of music.  He would often remind me that although I love to sing, and write, what I was doing more often than not was producing and arranging the vocals as well, and that I should NEVER let anyone take that credit away from me as far too many in the game at the time, were not giving it.  This also meant, don't settle and don't go along for any okey doke madness. 
One of the records, out of many we did together, that did get to come out  was "Me". The ins and outs of its release … it came out. And in later years I along with another dear one, the late Carl "Big Cee" Procter, re-released on his label to beat some pirates to the punch and preserve some control and respect for the work.  The remix project had some of the most amazing new Producers and Remixers bless it as tribute to Camacho.  It was well received and still gets played even now. 
I post this song on my website player as a tribute Camacho; he gave me something precious, I don't know if he ever knew how much that gift meant to me. Both he and Carl did, and  I will never be able to repay them.  Both are no longer here, and I realize that my silence, my stepping back from making the music for the past few years was my reaction.  I felt lost knowing two I respected and trusted so much were gone. In this business that kind of made me an orphan. I guess you could say that is how I grieved, by going silent.  The one thing neither would want me to do, is what I did because I just couldn't…  I note here how blessed I am for the patience of my new music family Vibe Boutique Records for holding my hand and being patient with me during my time off. This business waits for no one, not even if because of grief.  Having had an amazing connection with both David and Carl is how I was able to see that although they were gone, I was not orphaned, just adopted by a new family.  I believe they would be proud of what I am doing now and all I will do in the future. 
With that said, This is "Me", as David Produced it, as I sang it with him looking on coaching me to just let go and have fun and just be ME. We shared a love for soulful music, thoughtful lyrics and arrangements, direct and to the point grooves that move and have what it takes to become classics in the genre.  For me this is timeless, its a moment that I can close my eyes and flash back to whenever I wish to, and he is there…smiling , pointing up for me to sing to the rafters, wiggling his fingers for me to scat,  giving me the thumbs up that I nailed it. Dancing in his chair while conducting the session.  He was a REAL Producer who did not need to build his legacy by playing both sides of the fence. When he was in DJ Mode there was none other like him, when he was in Producer mode, his drive was to put you out there , front and center for he truly understood the success of the Artist IS the success of the Producer, its is not an either or, its is only together that you truly can appreciate a hit, side by side with respect and mutual admiration.  
I will forever love, appreciate and respect him. And I will forever be on my game with my business for that is what he liked about me more than my voice, lyrics or love for the same soap operas and white castle cheese burgers. He respected the business woman I am, the Artist I am and want to become…he respected ME!
I look forward today, but I tell ya sometimes you must look back and reflect to appreciate how far you've come and the fact that the journey is not over. One of my happiest recording moments ever...
With so much LOVE… here's the Original Main mix of "ME" David Camacho & Jannae Jordan 
Copyrighted 2002 Jannae Jordan, David Camacho (Exclusive sole rights, don't get it twisted…)