Jannae Jordan

I still WANNA GO...


Watching the evening news, still makes me wanna cry.  I still pray for our soldiers, I still pray for our safety, and I still have hope, and dream of a better world for you and me.  Let's keep raising the vibe.  Don't allow room for hate in your hearts. 




HELLO AGAIN Part2....Day 1.


Tomorrow's Tomorrow...think about it. All of us who are here now were once a mere thought. Maybe even a dream of what could be one day for our ancestors.  Therefor in our own way, we are someone else's Tomorrow, hope for better days. Hope...sometimes is all we have. But my oh my how powerful it is. <3

HELLO AGAIN ! Let's light a candle...


I wish you all the very very best this coming New Year and beyond! I pray that you always have  plenty, good health,  LOVE, and PEACE and JOY in your lives. All I ask is that wherever you are, whatever your faith, be a light, light a light, say a prayer, be careful with others, be good to yourselves and don't make room for hate in your hearts.  We need all the Love & Light we can muster up collectively right now.  In the meantime,  I light a candle for all of us. 

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