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HELLO AGAIN ! Let's light a candle...

Hey Loves!


HELLO ALL!!!!!! Its December again and for the first time in years I am feeling that post B-day, Holiday Season need to share words and music. SO here it goes!  To keep this brief...for now... I am doing very well, and I truly hope the same is true for each of you as well. 

Its been years so clearly I  have much to say and share, but now is not the time.   What I will say is, if you are reading this; THANK YOU!  If you are listening to the Music Player on the site and you are diggin the vibe of what is playing; THANK YOU!  If you are looking forward to hearing more music from me in the future; THANK YOU!   


All in all, like you, I am very well aware of all that is not ok in the world right now.  Being on News overload for the past year has slowed this return to work down as I didn't feel right showcasing material about random feelings and musings when to quote myself  "The world is spinning out of control.Too many people have sold their souls at our expense. It doesn't make sense..." ( from "Live" Antonio Ocasio Ft. Jannae Jordan)   So for me to step back up, I had to redirect, and in that musical redirection  I sum up the very surface of my feelings on the state of the world today with "Light A Candle"(Vigils,Prayers, Meditations).  I am in the process of elevating the track to 100% market ready, but my heart felt the need to Preview/Demo it out in the open at this moment in time. Plus it was time to update everything!  Bottom line, my  friends...WE NEED LIGHT ALL  AROUND THE WORLD! LOVE IS THE ONLY WAY! Nuff said!


In closing my friends, I wish you all the very very best this coming New Year and beyond! I pray that you always have plenty, good health,  LOVE, and PEACE and JOY in your lives. All I ask is that wherever you are, whatever your faith, be a light, light a light, say a prayer, be careful with others, be good to yourselves and don't make room for hate in your hearts.  We need all the Love & Light we can muster up collectively right now.  In the meantime,  I light a candle for all of us. 


Sending Love  & HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance! 



I am a Writer and a Songwriter first and foremost, then a Singer and Producer. For me the magic is in the words. Words are powerful things! My song lyrics are always inspired whether I'm a hired gun on deck to find the words to tell someone else's personal story, or the featured vocalist and lyricist. The work is always personal on some level. Every word, melody and arrangement comes from a profoundly genuine place in my core. I love what I do!





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