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My Aunt Grace...Lovingly reflecting.


Grace L. Jones (in her words "The original, not the outrageous!") My Aunt Grace, She helped so many as she traveled along her way.  President of AUDELCO, Owner of A Touch Of Grace PR, Host of "Growing with Grace", committed Church Lady (Abyssinian Baptist Church) Loving Wife (widow)...Mother...Grandmother, Sister, Friend, Matriarch of my family, Aunt (My proxy Grandmother)... I honor and celebrate her Ninety years lived fully in service to God, Family, Community and the Performing Arts with all I've got right now. My dear, our Queen, you truly earned your rest and did your work in this life!  I am forever the Ethel to your Lucy.  (Click to read Full post)

"THE GATE" ...Hello Again & THANK YOU!!!! <3


Re:  "THE GATE"(Lone Indigo All up in ya feels DUB) and   "THE GATE" ( Lone Indigo Out Of Body Dub)  

I cannot be tone deaf to what is going on all around us, and has been going on around us; I felt that the first tune
I should share, as a "THANK YOU!" for my presentation, should reflect that reality. 

Facebook...Oh Lawdy! I really...finally did it!


So I got back together with FB. What I won't do for my craft, my grind, my music hustle! That's LOVE people!

4 C's of a Diamond…Gotta be a Diamond.


I open by saying this; I'm no expert  or self help Guru.  I'm just a woman who has been thru some stuff,and is still going thru some stuff, while pushing thru the stuff, to maintain my peace and joy so I can do me the best way I can. I made a choice to learn and grow from what pains me as well as what brings me happiness. I also learned that feeling alone or like no one understands only makes getting thru the stuff more difficult. So whenever I can add my voice to the chorus of "I hear you...I know how you feel...You'll be ok", I do. This is that kind of blog post. If it's meant for you, then it's meant for you.



Body Jarvis...You have Transcended so far beyond the reach... you are now part of the light! True musician, true creative soul, true Producer...true...real...human...Beautifully human! So grateful my friend..teacher, you helped me reach, you put me on your shoulders, propped up my wings and helped me fly. 

I still WANNA GO...


Watching the evening news, still makes me wanna cry.  I still pray for our soldiers, I still pray for our safety, and I still have hope, and dream of a better world for you and me.  Let's keep raising the vibe.  Don't allow room for hate in your hearts. 





I am a Writer and a Songwriter first and foremost, then a Singer and Producer. For me the magic is in the words. Words are powerful things! My song lyrics are always inspired whether I'm a hired gun on deck to find the words to tell someone else's personal story, or the featured vocalist and lyricist. The work is always personal on some level. Every word, melody and arrangement comes from a profoundly genuine place in my core. I love what I do!





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