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I am a Writer and a Songwriter first and foremost, then a Singer and Producer. For me the magic is in the words. Words are powerful things! My song lyrics are always inspired whether I'm a hired gun on deck to find the words to tell someone else's personal story, or the featured vocalist and lyricist. The work is always personal on some level. Every word, melody and arrangement comes from a profoundly genuine place in my core. I love what I do!


OVERTURE (A listen back…)


For the Light....

Boyd Jarvis...You have Transcended so far beyond the reach... you are now part of the light! True musician, true creative soul, true Producer...true...real...human...Beautifully human! So grateful my friend..teacher, you helped me reach, you put me on your shoulders, propped up my wings and helped me fly.   (Full message in my blog)


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