Jannae Jordan

My PRO ( Performing Rights Organization) ... next to union membership (next step) every recording professional should be a member of a PRO. Others to check out ASCAP, SESAC ( Composers) Some people say they don't get the point...well everytime they send me a check, I do! Labels may "forget" to send the checks but the PRO's don't. "Get yo coins children!" PROs aren't Unions and cannot legally engage on your behalf. However, they are a great resource for music industry and legislative information, career development opportunities ( Seminars, Workshops, Meet-n-greets etc). So if you're not affiliated, get affiliated.

Copyright Alliance

Whether you are a songwriter, literary writer, photographer, film maker...if your work is creating what is otherwise considered Intellectual Property, you need to get involved.  Creative works get exploited every day all around the world, and whether people want to believe it or not, it's a crime. Piracy is a crime, period.  Whether it's someone using parts of your work or all of it for money without your authorization, they have committed a crime against you. Legislation is changing and it can either be for you or againts you.  SO get educated and stay informed.  THIS is a great place to start... and get involved I urge anyone who creates to do so, I have.

The US Library of Congress
Hey I'm an Artist, so I think this link being here is self explanatory.

The Library Of Congress YouTube Channel
I love books, music, information, knowledge... I think we Artists sleep on all that is going on beyond copyright forms regarding the Library Of Congress. Across the board there is a wealth of information there about so many things!